Title: Description: Notes:

"High Wire, High Jinks" Goosers needs to face off against Sinister Squirrel. First appearance of Goosers,

Claude, and Sinister Squirrel.

"Fish Market Frenzy" Dine and Dash try to avoid Von Ripper. First appearance of Von Ripper and Dine and Dash.

"Feline Fatale" A cute kitten is damaging the house and is framing Goosers. First appearance of Cutie Snoot.

Lost While on a camping trip,Dander and Yawp get lost. First apperarance of Dandr and Yawp and Broken Bear.

Love Hurts Goosers replaces Flounice's chew toy she Cameo by Yawp


Obey A wicked teacher causes Goosers to get hypnotized.

Attack Of The Giant A mutant bunny is attacking Claude's garden.

Mutant Bunny

No Place Like Home Mr.Mewser is locked out of the house. First appearance of Mr.Mewser

Bear With Us Dine and Dash are mistaken for aliens. First cartoon where Dine

and Dash speak

The Good,The Bad, Cutie Snoot is jealous of Snootie Cute.

And The Cutie

Busted Yawp gets locked up in the Dog Pound.

A Tiny Bed For A Tiny Head serches for a new home. First appeirieance of Tiny Head

Tiny Head

Cold Case Caper Dine and Dash try to steal food from

a freezer.

Leaf Me Alone Broken Bear's leaf gets lost in Dander's


Cambridge Kitty A cat (possibly from London) talks Dash

into catching a bird.

Bubble Trouble Dine and Dash try to eat a mouse in a

plastic bubble.

Food Of the Dogs Dander and Yawp open a restrunt.

Dark And Stormy Dander and Yawp stay in Mr.Mewser's

Night mantion.

Quiet Time With Tiny Von Ripper needs to relax so he spends

Head the day with Tiny Head.

Fraidy Cat Tiny Head is scared by a mouse.

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