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Goosers is a dog from The Twisted Whiskers Show. He appears in High Wire High Jinx Feline Fatale, Obey, and Love Hurts. The other episodes that Goosers appears in are currently unknown.


* According to the Hub website, Goosers is a yellow Labrador.

* Watch as Goosers appears as he:

  • High Wire High Jinks:Faces off Sinister Squirrel
  • Feline Fatale: Gets framed by Cutie Snoot
  • Love Hurts: Tries to cheer up a female dog
  • Obey: Goes to obedieance school and gets hypnotized
  • Goosers is on of the original characters on the original Twisted Whiskers series. The others being Dander and Yawp.
  • Goosers is one of the dogs in this show. The others are Flouncie ,Von Ripper, and Yawp.
  • Goosers's known friends are Yawp, Claude, Flouncie, and possablly Dander.

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