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This is the twisted whiskers show! meet the characters. Dander. even though this cat is raw animal behved he is very happy most of the time but just watch there episode Egg on your face you will see what he is about! Yawp. Yeah, this dog can't talk but he is very very very bright he is Danders best friend and in reality they still might be buddies! Mr. Mewser. This black and white PussyCat lives in a house that is quite grownup and a 2 levels, And he loves his tea with a little but of Smidgeon. Goosers. This dog is a great guard of his owner, Claude. he will be there for anyone who needs him, and will never let them down. Sinster Squirrel. Sinster squirrel is a bit creepy! he has a chunk of fur missing from his tail. he has bright pink eyes. You neer know when you will see him. Here is one of the episodes you can see Sinster Squirrel in. High Wire High Jinks. Tiny Head. this cat has a big body and a little tiny head. When you watch this episode called. a Tiny bed for a tiny head. Jack. this dog is like a comedy pet he sure likes nature intensely from the episode called. Nice dogs finish last. Zippy. zippy is a dog that is not very talkative he has been seen on this episode where the director would be like ahahahahahahah action! and lets not forget cutie snoot. cutie snoot might look like a sweet harmless kitty but inside she is Pure evil! thanks for Meeting all of the characters!

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