Von Ripper-full picture

Von Ripper is a dog from The Twisted Whiskers Show. He is identafied by looking like a shark on all fours and his really bad attitude

The Life Of Von Ripper:

Von Ripper first appeared in the episode "Fish Market Frenzy" and his owner wanted him to gaurd a fish from Dine and Dash. He enjoys being a dog on gaurd and gaurding the things his owner wants him to gaurd.


* Von Ripper is one of the dogs in the show

  • Von Ripper's known enemies are everyone (including Dine and Dash) exept his owners
  • Von Ripper's breed is based upon a bull terrier.
  • Like other dogs, he barks and growls, but talked in the episode "Order of the Raised Leg".
  • Lost his memory in Don't Fear the Ripper after hitting his head, making him act friendly and crazy for Dine and Dash


  • Fish Market Frenzy (debut)
  • Love Hurts
  • Don't Fear the Ripper
  • Food of the Dogs
  • To Scratch or not To Scratch
  • Quiet Time with Tiny Head
  • Order of the Raised Leg

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